A romantic date is a meeting of two people where at least one person fancies the other. They want to get to know each other better to see if there is any sexual chemistry beyond friendship, and to assess their compatibility for a possible future relationship.

How do I know if the other person is romantically interested in me?

So, I have definitely been here before! A guy you’re kind of interested in asks you to hang out but you aren’t sure if its as friends or it’s a date. Obviously, the simple thing to do is just ask him outright! But imagine the embarrassment if they say no! And it was one of my good friends so I didn’t want to make it awkward and ruin our friendship. If it is just the two of you meeting and there is no reasonable justification for it just being the two of you (for example a business meeting) then it can be assumed it’s a date. Especially if there has been some flirting between the two of you! Maybe there has been some playful banter or ‘liking’ a lot of social media posts. You usually get a vibe that someone is into you.

Another way to tell is by getting another person to ask him if it’s a date. However it is probably unlikely that you have a mutual friend you can confide in to ask. So my advice would be if you want it to be a date and you have a romantic interest in this guy then treat it like a date! There is a good chance it is because it is just the two of you meeting up. So, put on your best dress and your fave lip gloss and go and have fun!

What are the most romantic dates?

  • A meal over candlelight. This gives you lots of opportunity to gaze into each other’s eyes and talk. The low light means the pupils of your eyes dilate which is supposed to make you look more attractive too!
  • Have a Picnic. Bringing old fashioned romance back to life by nibbling on mini sandwiches and pastries in the countryside or even at home.
  • Go to a spa and get a couples massage. This will make you both feel extremely relaxed and will get you in the mood for love! There is something about being touched that awakens your senses and makes you fully present in the moment. In this state of mind full concentration is on what is happening at the time and your mind isn’t clouded with any worries. You can fully relax and enjoy the moment with your date.
  • Go Glamping – being away from the monotony of everyday life and being surrounded by nature will release tension and stress. Most glamping pods also have hot tubs which you can chill in and relax whilst having a drink and spending some quality time together. When there is less noise and distraction around it can be easier to talk more freely and get to know each other better.
  • Going for a walk in nature. Just being the two of you around away from daily distractions gives you the opportunity to get to know someone you are really into.
  • Going to see a show. Pick their favourite play or a comedy; laughing  is an aphrodisiac and will bring you closer together.
  • Take a dance class together. This can be extremely sexy! Learning to move with each other in sync  will set your pulse racing with the right person. Proximity barriers will be broken and there will be an enjoyed closeness of two bodies touching!
  • Do a yoga class together. This is extremely peaceful and brings about mindfulness. Concentrating on what you are doing releases anxiety and stress and allows you to enjoy your date to the full! It is also great for the body as well as the mind, because it will help to keep you flexible and trim which is an added bonus!
  • Take a cooking class together. Learning anything new together is a bonding experience and the opportunity to have some fun! You could also have some playful competition and see whose food is the best! Even if the relationship doesn’t work out, at least you have learnt something new along the way.
  • Go to the movies. Push the boat out and go to a cinema with sofas so you can cuddle up and you can order food and drinks directly to your seat.
  • Have your first date all over again. Reliving the first time you had a date together, the butterflies, the excitement, and the first kiss will make you remember where it all began and how you felt. When I think of my first date with my husband it was magical and I cannot wait to do it all again!
  • Take a trip to a safari or zoo. This would be so much fun for animal lovers.
  • Go to a local fair or festival. Local fairs and festivals usually have something for everyone to enjoy. Including live music, drinks and speciality food.
  • Plan to go to their favourite sports game. I am a huge netball fan and if my husband surprised me with tickets to see our local team Manchester Thunder this would be awesome!
  • Go wine tasting. I did this once whilst I was travelling in Australia, it was so much fun! I wasn’t on a date though I was just with a group of friends but if you were doing it on a date it would probably be a quick way to get to know each other! With inhibitions lowered all kinds of truths would no doubt be revealed!
  • Plan a day at the beach. If the sun is out what could be better than relaxing on the beach together.
  • Go to a museum or art gallery. If your date is into history or art this would be perfect.
  • Hit a dance club together. This would be particularly good if you’re both into the same music. Dancing together is great for flirting!
  • Do a treasure hunt. I love treasure hunts! Plant hints and clues along the way to, for example, the meal that’s been prepared or to somewhere you’re going.


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