When we are dating we are looking to find a partner to hang out with and have a sexual or romantic connection with. Dating can be split into three main types; random dating, casual dating and exclusive dating. Random dating is when you are putting yourself out there and meeting up with different people. Casual dating is when you are regularly dating the same person or people to try to get to know them better to see if it could lead to more. Exclusive dating is when you have decided to commit to each other and date this person only.

Random dating

This isn’t as random as it sounds, but what I mean by this is you are randomly meeting people. For example, this may take the form of online dating, blind dating, double dating and speed dating! Here someone is actively putting themselves out there to meet people who they could possibly have a connection with.

  • Online dating is great as it allows you to meet people who are not only single and looking, but you can also instantly find out their personal information like their height, job, favourite pastimes etc. You can also get chatting with no obligation to meet if you decide they aren’t for you after getting to know them a little better. Online dating is my absolute favourite as this is where I met my husband! 😊
  • Blind dating is when mutual friends, family or work colleagues set you up with someone you think you will get along with without already knowing them or even seeing a picture of them. My brother and his wife met on a blind date where they were set up by their friends who were already in a relationship. So it’s not a bad thing to let people know that you’re actively dating and what you are looking for as they might know the person of your dreams!
  • Double dating is when you go out with another couple on a date. This might be particularly useful when blind dating as you have no idea how well you will get along, so at least if there are other  people you both know there then hopefully you will feel more relaxed. It also gives you the opportunity to see how your date interacts with others.
  • Speed dating is an organised event where there is a group of single girls and guys, and the guys sit down at the tables and the girls move around the tables to speak to the guys for anywhere from 3-5 minutes. You have a little score card and you have to say if you want to pass on your contact details to your ‘date’. Only when both people say ‘yes’ are each other’s contact details passed on. Speed dating is so much fun! I would highly recommend it. When I went I didn’t actually meet anyone I fancied but I still really enjoyed the experience as I love meeting new people. 😊

Casual Dating

Casual dating is when you may be dating one or several people to get to know them. At this point the two parties that are meeting up and ‘dating’ enjoy each other’s company and find each other sexually attractive. Some people will casually date knowing they want nothing more than sex whilst others are looking for their perfect partner who they can marry and live happily ever after.

At this stage the girl should be extremely cautious if she wants a long-lasting relationship. If the guy wants to have sex she should make sure this doesn’t happen until she is sure about him. When two people are really attracted to each other and they haven’t had sex yet, the guy isn’t thinking clearly and the girl is thinking clearly. After sex, the guy is thinking clearly again and usually the girl has become emotionally attached. This is because the hormone oxytocin has been released by the girl which is a bonding hormone that isn’t released by the guy. It can make you want to attach to a guy you hardly know. Whilst he just feels lighter and has a spring back in his step! Aside from that, I do believe that having sex too early on whilst dating is (most of the time) a good way to end things before they have already started. The guy may think you don’t have much self respect or that you have sex with all guys right away.

People often like to see how someone they are casually dating behave around their friends to see how well they get along and if they ‘fit’ in.

Exclusively Dating

When you are exclusively dating you have had the chat about your relationship and decided that you want to be committed to each other and you wont be dating anyone else. You may also have decided to become officially boyfriend and girlfriend. At this point you have got to know each other well; you have opened up to each other and share a deeper sense of intimacy. You know what each other’s current position is and where there dreams and aspirations are.

You have most probably also met their friends and family and got the ‘seal of approval’. When you become more serious you may decide to move in together or get engaged or even married.


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