Tinder is one of the world’s leading online dating applications. It is easy to use, free and is arguably the best dating app there is. Is there a dating app better than Tinder? Let us find out.

This review is based on a Male user perspective:
My Experience

Despite all the other dating applications, Tinder is the one I keep coming back to. Why? The sheer number of users for starters. Being one of the most popular dating apps in the market, it has no issues bringing in fresh faces which can be essential for the hunt, especially if you are a guy!

The app is easy to use; both in creating your profile and once built, easy to navigate around. It is the simple, swipe right for a Yes and swipe left for a No. With a few more features in between. Tinder has the best business model in my opinion; its FREE, but you can pay for more advanced features. This is, in my opinion how they should all be. You can achieve finding your partner with Tinder without paying for sure.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been matched with a fake profile. These profiles will be based in your area, but the pictures show them in foreign countries. Usually china in my experience. There aim is to get you off Tinder and onto WhatsApp ASAP before they get banned; and so, their plan can begin. The plan is to ultimately extract money from you. I have had multiple FX trading scams and more recently a lady asking for money as she was stuck for whatever reason (they make up different things to try and pull on your heart strings.) As said; I am fully used to these people now I can spot them a mile off and ask them directly straight away if they live in the UK and if they say yes I ask them a question about the area they are supposedly living in, if they don’t know the answer then I unmatch. Sometimes they will insist on WhatsApp, so I insist on Instagram. Etc. You get the idea here. Be incredibly careful and never give any of these women you have never met any money.

Obviously being a free to use service and an extremely popular one at that scam profiles I am afraid are inevitable. When one is taken down, two more are likely to go up. Just be aware. Also, I have met people on Tinder before that look different than the pictures on their profile. Again, this is not Tinder’s fault as they do try and avoid this by having verified blue tick profiles. Even then, once verified there is nothing stopping a user putting up filtered photos. Or photos from the past. Just again be aware of this. Not a fault of Tinder; just a drawback online dating in general. They have at least spotted this problem and tried to prevent it. I have met women before that will only meet verified blue tick accounts, for example. It seems both men and women are at risk of being catfished!

For the most part, Tinder is great for meeting new people and I have had many excellent experiences. For example, I met a lovely lady on here that became my girlfriend of two years and we shared many wonderful times together. If it were not for Tinder, I would of never have met her. Outside of this, I have met many people and shared wonderful dates. Some meetings have blossomed into friendships and others romantic relationships.

I have also had many hilarious conversations. Also, conversations where I was lonely and they picked me up, made my day. I would whole heatedly recommend this application.

I also wanted to clear something up; I often here that Tinder is an app used for Hook Ups. I have not experienced any difference with this app than others I have tried so far. I would suggest if you are looking for something serious it can be found on Tinder. My two-year relationship is testament to that.

Getting Started: Tinder Profile

dating tinder app

The registration process is fast and easy. You can sign up with your Facebook account or not, this is optional. In all it takes about 5 minutes to get going – obviously longer if you want to make your profile as good as possible. I would upload a few good pictures certainly. Take some time to get used to the layout of the profile and how you can present your best self. Stay away from the filtered pictures though please; you are not a catfish, right?! Also, a pet dislike of mine is swiping to a profile without any text at all. Its good to read something about a potential match! Whereas this is your choice its just something that is often found lacking on Tinder. The profile setup is as good as any other application; it is easy to use and you can re-arrange your pictures so your preferred one is first etc. Additional options to display more pictures is possible via Instagram connectivity. However, I personally do not think this is needed.

How to Make Contact: Tinder Swipe Right

Easy Enough. Swipe left for a No. Swipe Right for a Yes. Away we go! In other words, if you see someone you would like to know in more detail, swipe right. Or touch the Green Love Heart. Tinder is good at putting information on screen for first time users so the app will guide you through this process anyhow. If you were thinking what the Blue Star is for; this is a super like. If you want to use the app for free you can pretty much ignore this feature; Tinder seem to think statistically you are more likely to get a match if you use a Super like instead of a Like. This is a paid for feature and whether this is true is anyone’s guess. I didn’t find this necessary. To read the bio of the profile, click the down arrow in the bottom right of there picture. Do note that often enough there is no bio. Which is disappointing! Come on girls…. write something!

tinder messages

When you match with someone it will offer an additional screen where you can communicate with your matches by sending them messages. Here you can have small talk or go all in and ask for a date. I prefer the latter. Quickly 😊 However this is your choice. When I first used the app I wasted far too much time talking on a digital screen when I much prefer to engage in real life. When the conversation goes nowhere or your no longer interested in a match it is possible to un-match of course.

Tinder Cost

The fantastic news here is that Tinder is free to use. Yes, there is a subscription service where you can pay for extra features however these are not required to get matches and to communicate with those matches. Rather than list the features of the subscription service here I will link directly to Tinders page to give you the latest information;

Tinder Features

Whereas Tinder is free it is featured packed. Rather that list all of the features i will mention the one service I have paid for many times in the past. It is the ‘Boost’ option. For a small cost Tinder will place your profile at the front of the queue so that your potential matches will get to swipe left or right on your profile sooner. This of course increases the speed of your matches and the quantity of your matches. So if you are in a rush to get that date for the weekend, you know what to do! That being said; there are many features of Tinder and being a user review and not an application review think it would be best to direct link you to full guide on the official site. This can be found here:

Dating Ed:
Tinder Review

If your dating on a budget, Tinder is probably the first place you should visit. It has an incredible amount of people in your area and its free. So, you get the choice and the reliability of an application that works. The paid for features are good but not necessary. Tinder has the right mix here because if you are eager to increase your chances you will pay for a subscription. My take is that this is how to build and run an app and If it were not for the fake scam profiles, the review score would be higher. In general, this is probably the best dating app there is.

Tinder Pros

  • Free to Use
  • Easy to Use
  • Millions of Members
  • Blue Tick Authentic Profiles
  • Connect to other Apps such as Instagram etc.

Tinder Cons

  • Fake Profiles

Tinder Review Score:
Four Stars out of Five


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