Ignore everything you have read before. Then read this. The difference between any other blog you have read; and this one – is that I have put into practice what I am about to write thousands of times. Literally, thousands of times. And not just on tinder; but on some of the most exclusive dating apps in the world.

So how you start a conversation with a girl online? You simply communicate. Its as easy as that. You start. Its not rocket science. Its common sense. You can say something as simple as “Hello” ranging to something more specific about what the girl’s interests are. You must immediately communicate. The girl is wanting to meet a guy just as much as you want to meet the girl.

In truth, maybe there is a list of what NOT to do when writing to a girl for the first time. However, all these other blog posts and information that is circling around on the internet; well; some of them will be written by women and let us face it; women rarely can say what they mean. This is something that needs to be written by a man. I will tell you exactly what works. I will not sugar coat it; however that said I will be working on this blog with my lovely sister – who can always give you a female point of view.

But Google says..
So, I am going to just jump write in… if you check google you will see such lines as this;
“Don’t say the first thing that jumps into your head.”
Hmm. “Don’t say the first thing that jumps into your head.”
I am not sure about that advice. I have had amazing success writing the first thing I feel and in real life; saying the first thing I think of when meeting women in bars. It shows absolute confidence. Now as long as you not thinking something crude of course. But again; this must be common sense, right? Men – you do know this? Maybe you do not. But if this is the case; don’t worry. Stick with us whilst this blog develops because after all, there is no school for Dating. There is no Dating Education. Well that is; until now.

Start by sending a message

Typically, I would send a message; then leave as is. Heard nothing a few days later, then if they are lucky; send one more message. I say if lucky, because you may well have messages off other women during that time whilst waiting. Certainly; 2 messages without a response, the move on. Its no big deal. There is 4 Billion women out there. 4 Billion. If you come across as a decent man, you will have no trouble having success. If the girl does not respond when you message, her – it is her loss. Do not be upset, feel sorry for her for missing out on meeting you.

Typically, I wake up and I have multiple messages on my phone from women. I get a large number of matches on dating apps. This is likely because my profile(s) has been handled expertly. They have enough information to encourage women to start a conversation. My pictures are excellent because they are important; you are ultimately selling yourself – You are a brand. Technically you are on sale, and you are about to be purchased by a lucky woman. The reason I mention this is because; your profile is way more important than the first thing you say in a conversation. You are more than just a few lines. If you look fantastic, your profile is great, then it does not really matter what you say, because the girl will be so engaged in trying to catch you! I have extensive experience on this – for example I could typically send a poor opener such as “hello” or “hi” and send to 20 girls and I know most will respond. Everywhere else online will say do not do this and whereas they may have a point – my point proves it is not as important as you think.

Self-Improvement is way more important that words!

As a man, you need to look at yourself in the third person. Are you well groomed? Do you look the part? Are you in shape? Do you work out? If you can self-improve in anyway do it now, because there is no such thing as an ugly man. Just a lazy man. Be your best self. This is another tip that is way more important than what you write on a dating app!

There is NO magic formula: Just start the conversation.

You might of guessed by now that I do NOT believe in games. I do not believe in magical formulas to asking people out. I very quickly make my intentions clear to a girl. Yes, I will have a chat first, but I would not recommend chatting for long; because you need to get off the app and meet in real life. To generate attraction on an app is difficult, i like to do it in real life. So, at some point, usually within the first few days I will be asking the girl out. Its rare they say no, because after all that is what they are on the site for. To meet someone!

More Key pointers on Starting a Conversation with a Girl

Just go for it. Do not waste time. You deserve the best and you need to make the most out of every day. This is all mindfulness. Be positive.

Dont Start a Conversation with anything Sexual

I am going to cover something in my opinion on what NOT to say. My experience is from thousands of interactions with women. Whereas you will know people, or maybe you yourself have had success with saying sexual lines, I would never recommend this, its just not needed. That is, unless the girl starts such things first. I would never ever send private parts in pictures also. I just do not understand men that do something so stupid. Cut that out. Treat the girl like a human, like you would like to be treated.

Always lead the conversation

If she leads, then great. She is showing interest. However, even if you think you are a catch, women have been programmed to be chased. Chase them. Enjoy the chase. Lead. The girl will find this attractive. Conversation at a dead end? Then start a new one! Just change the subject. Or ideally ask her out. Do not wait.

Be clever with your compliments

Its to easy to call someone beautiful, gorgeous etc. I would only do this if you think the girl does not have much of a chance with you. This will raise her believe that she has a chance and she will engage further back. However, if you do not think this is the case then complement her on her style. Or her fashion sense. Something she has worked hard on. Afterall, for the most part facial looks are genetic and not been earned, so she may find it hard to ever accept a compliment such as this. That said, again – if you want to do it – do it. Remember, everything you do is correct. Do not ever second guess what you write. Its not worth the time thinking about. Instead, have common sense; stay away from putting people off you, be your best self. Be nice. Have enjoyable conversation.

Conversation is a two-way street

If the girl isn’t engaging back with you; for example, not asking you questions or just not showing much interest; typically I would try and ask one more question before leaving her. I would do this because everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she has had a bad day and you just are a stranger online. Just make sure you do not want too long before asking her out

Never forget the aim when talking to a girl online

It is not to have brilliant conversation. It is not to turn her on. Its to get her off the app and meet in real life. Unless that is you want a pen pal. Do not spend ages talking on an application. It is a waste of your time. Your time is too valuable. If having great conversation is a by-product in all this, then fine. But always stay focused on the objective. Keep your mind clear of any clutter and have fun.

If I can pass on one more thing – it would be this

I have met some of the most fantastic women in the world. I have travelled around the globe on dates. I have dated models, celebrities, and sports stars. Based on all my experience I would never waste my time on a girl if she is not engaging back. Furthermore, I have been out with the most beautiful women and on a profile, she may look a million dollars, and in real life she could be, or she could be a dud. You just do not know until you spend a few hours with her in person. So, do not waste your time on what could be, because it is highly likely your time is being wasted. Instead, focus on YOU. Self-improvement and being a great guy. A guy that a girl would love to talk to, no matter what your opening lines are.

Dating Ed:
How do you start a conversation with a girl online

Maybe you have never read anything like this before when it comes to starting a conversation with a woman online. I am not sitting here thinking of what to say; I am pouring words out from my experience which is absolutely stacked. it is essential you believe in yourself. Confidence is attractive. Self believe is huge. Good luck and do stick with us at DatingED and I will share so much on this blog that I really hope benefits you. As a guy, do not be a dick, do not show your dick. Be a gentleman. Be the guy that the girl has been dreaming of. Its not hard. Talk enjoy your conversation; ask her out; meet and then date. Good luck.


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