Whilst you can’t make a woman fall in love with you, you can make yourself more desirable by following these tips. Use manners and don’t be rude to her or anyone else. This includes listening, asking questions and paying a genuine interest in what she has to say. You should also be well groomed, smell good and be punctual. Small gestures like holding a door open show a chivalrous nature. Be charismatic, fun, and flirty. Compliment the way she looks and her personality. Make the decision about where you are going and what you are doing and do not let her pay.

You might think that to really impress a girl you need to make a grand gesture and spend a lot of money. However, it is the opposite; the little things often matter the most. For example, having manners and morals which are both absolutely free but speak volumes about an individual. A careless remark or a rude gesture can completely turn the tables and send her running for the hills!

All the small things you do or don’t do will help a woman decide pretty quickly if you are worth her time. Here is a list of things you should by taking note of if you want to impress her:

  1. Be decisive
    We like a man to be confident and take the initiative to decide where we are going on the date and what we are doing. Its fine to ask what kind of food we like but you decide on the restaurant.
  2. Be punctual
    A girl should never be waiting around for a guy, if anyone is going to be late it is fashionable for us ladies! So, make sure you give yourself plenty of time for any unexpected inconveniences like traffic or having difficulty finding a parking space.
  3. Make eye contact
    Someone who is constantly looking over your shoulder or even worse looking down at your boobs will not be considered a genuine guy.  Looking into someone’s eyes can help to create a deep connection and is related to being trustworthy.
  4. Use manners and don’t be rude to her or anyone else
    I was once on a date with a guy in an exclusive restaurant and when the waiter came over with our wine and placed it into an ice bucket next to our table, he didn’t even acknowledge it. I still remember it now because he was so rude, and it completely put me off him.
  5. Stay off your phone
    This point could come under the same umbrella as ‘use manners’ but it is so important that it needs to be stand alone. If a guy is on his phone a lot during our time together it is completely disrespectful. If I had given up my time to spend with a guy and then he was on his phone a lot I would consider it a total disregard for anyone other than himself. I would not be spending any more time with someone so arrogant.
  6. Open doors
    This seemingly small gesture goes such a long way. If a guy holds the door open for me, I am so impressed. It is chivalrous and brings back some good old-fashioned values. It goes back to caveman days, us ladies want to be looked after by our men, well I do anyway!
  7. Look smart and well groomed
    Physical attraction matters!If we haven’t got that then none of the other stuff really matters because if you want to rip their clothes off or not is what distinguishes us between friends and lovers. Don’t forget to wear some awesome aftershave too! Make sure your breath is also minty fresh – bad breath is the biggest a turn off ever!
  8. Be fun and flirty
    Life can be so serious at times, so it feels so good to forget about work and chores and have some fun. Maybe go to an arcade and have some friendly competition. Fool around and flirt; you could tell him if you beat him on the arcade basketball hoops then he owes you a massage 😊
  9. Compliment her looks
    This girl has probably spent a good couple of hours getting herself dolled up and a lot of effort went in to deciding what to wear, she may even have bought something new. I’m not saying shower her in compliments but just you could comment on one thing; for example, your hair is gorgeous, or you’re so naturally pretty. Make it genuine and sincere so you don’t come across as creepy.
  10. Be charismatic and have a good sense of humour
    On my first date with my husband we went to have some pre dinner drinks, and whilst I used the bathroom, he had got chatting to a couple sat at the bar next to us. I was impressed by how easily he could get along with strangers, just like me I knew he could hold his own in social situations. He was very charismatic, and he had a good sense of humour too because when he got given the bill for the drinks, he had a joke with the bar tender about re-mortgaging his house!
  11. Ask her questions
    It is such a turn off if a guy just talks about himself. Years ago, a guy used to repeatedly ask me out and make it well known he wanted a date. When I became single, I decided I’d give him a chance. He took me to a lovely Italian restaurant but unfortunately, he spent the whole time talking about himself. He didn’t ask me any questions and cut me up when I spoke! He had no listening skills and I felt he wanted me to like him rather than him getting to know me.
  12. Listen to what she has to say
    As well as asking her questions, you actually need to pay attention to what she is saying. If mind is wondering and you’re not listening, we can tell!
  13. Support her decisions
    Research suggests that people bond when other people support their decisions. Whether it’s to agree she should have the extra-large tub of popcorn or to support an idea to start her own business, your approval will establish an emotional connection.
  14. Compliment her personality
    I suggested earlier to compliment her looks but it is also important to compliment an element of her personality that you genuinely enjoy. It could be that she is extremely passionate or that she is particularly relaxed and laid back. One thing that was completely refreshing about my husband when I first met him was that he put his friends and family first above everything. He is the most loyal person I have ever met.
  15. Do not go dutch!
    If you’re really into this girl I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to treat her to dinner, after all you did ask her out! I did always offer to pay for my half, but I never really expected to be taken up on it and it definitely would not have been impressed if the guy had accepted.
  16. Be yourself
    Be true to yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. In the end, it will catch you out so just relax and let her like you for who you really are. This way you will know sooner if you’re a match or not.


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