Bumble is a dating app with a twist; it is only the women that can initiative conversation first. The thinking behind this approach is to empower women and allow them to message men they are interested in. Bumble have confirmed this direction has led its app to the highest post-match chat rate ever.

This review is based on a Male user perspective:
My Experience

Firstly; lets concentrate on Bumbles claim. I would agree. Despite having much less matches on the Bumble platform, nearly every match starts a conversation. This is in huge stark contract to any other application I have used. Maybe the founder of Bumble (Whitney Wolfe) is onto a winner here. When you get a match you know the women is interested and this does save time on wasted openers.

I have been using Bumble for over 12 months now and I have found that it is an exceptionally good dating application. There are bells and whistles to it, as well as the dating app there is also Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz. BFF being a social networking app to make new friends and Biz being business network connections. You can see what they are tapping into here and it is not a bad idea but let us focus on the dating.

First impressions were good. It is free to use which is excellent. There are paid for services, but I will not focus on them, as I have not used them. Setting up your profile is easy enough and the selfies you must take when setting up your account cuts down on fake accounts. This is a big plus for Bumble, as I have been targeted by many fake accounts on other dating apps. When you do get a match, the women have 24 hours to send you a message. If she does not; then the match is automatically removed. This in turn is another good idea in my opinion as it keeps the site current; there is no point matching with someone that has found a partner months ago. You can engage in text conversation but a big winner for me here is the voice conversation. I do love the fact when you get a match you can talk to them via the voice icon. It saves time and you get to understand a little more about your matches personality. It also escalates the conversation towards a date much quicker. After all, I am not looking for a pen pal.

So far so good. The more I think about it, the more I like this app. One big drawback is the amount of people on Bumble. Do not get me wrong; it is not too low. However, I have found its relatively easy to go through all the matches in your area every time I go onto it. If you use dating apps every day, then this one might not be your best bet. One thing you might notice you start doing on Bumble is increasing your radius search due to the quantity of people on the platform.

In regards dates, I have had some good ones from Bumble and in my experience of the women I have met they were genuine and looking for a relationship. You do often see the same people now and again on both Tinder and Bumble for example, but I guess that is to be expected.

Yes, there is paid services for Bumble but if you can get it for free, what is the point of paying? Yes, you might get a few more matches but how many dates do you want?! I have had a busy time lining up 5 dates in a week before and I am not planning to go back to such crazy times. Now, I am not saying the paid for services might not be useful for you but hope you can understand my point. If you get matches without it, then why bother?

So yes to wrap up I do like Bumble a lot and well, is it for you? I would suggest it is, personally I like it when the women make the first move as you know she is genuinely interested and you can often move forward at a faster pace. Your profile here guys is more important than ever; yes its important on all dating apps but with Bumble not allowing you to connect first you have to make sure the words you use draws women in and your pictures are your best. Being easy on the eye will certainly help your chances on Bumble.

Getting Started: Bumble Profile

bumble review - edit profilebumble review - bumbledatebumble review - bumble settings

Similar to Tinder, its fast and easy to get started. You can sign up with your Facebook account or via your mobile phone number. In all it takes a few minutes to get going – obviously longer if you want to make your profile as pleasing as possible. I would upload your best pictures; make sure your best self is on show here. There is an option to connect your Instagram account however me personally; I would limit the pictures. Your six best photographs will do the job. Write your “About me” section; It can be short, but at least give the ladies something. Be smart and sensible about what you write. Again, make yourself look desirable if you can, without being boastful. Or you could have the fun; not taking yourself seriously approach. Try both; see what works for you.

How to Make Contact: Bumble Swipe Right

bumble auto swipebumble swipe rightbumble swipe left

The tried and trusted format. Swipe left for a No. Swipe Right for a Yes. If you see someone you would like to match with, swipe right. If you match with someone the application has a conversation screen where you can communicate with your matches once they initiate contract with you. Do not take long to reply though; or the match will disappear! Here you can have a text conversation or jump into voice chat. (The voice chat being the microphone icon in the bottom right of the conversation screen.) I prefer the latter as I feel it escalates the engagement and states your interest. This is your choice. My approach as ever with dating apps is to get away from the dating app and in real life ASAP; to keep the mystery high and to keep it fresh and crucially to save time. We all have busy lives, right?

bumble conversation homebumble messagesbumble conversation

Below is an example of what a profile looks like as you scroll down the screen. If you are wondering what the star icon is in the bottom right of each profile picture – this is for the Super Swipe option. The app’s creators would suggest you can show a potential match you are more seriously interested in them by clicking this option. Note; this is a paid for service and is not essential.

bumble datingbumble datingbumble dating

Bumble Cost

Bumble is free to use. Bumble does offer a paid for service where you can pay for extra features however these are not required to get matches and to engage with those matches. Here is a link directly to Bumbles page to give you the latest upto date information;

Bumble Features

bumble superswipebumble beelinebumble upgrade

I have covered the fact that Bumble is free to use. Also, that you can connect your profile Instagram and that you can voice chat to matches which is a great win. That said, I have never paid for anything on Bumble; as I have never felt the need to. Bumble does have a paid for service called Bumble boost. The great thing about the boost is that you can see everyone that has right swiped you – called your “Beeline.” Furthermore, there are Bumble coins that allow you to purchase features such as Super Swipe or Spotlight. Spotlight is like the Boost on Tinder – where it will place your profile at the top of the pile; in turn increasing the number of matches you receive; or certainly it will in a shorter space of time. Whereas Super Swipe confirms to a potential match that you are into them. Big time. This product is similar to Tinders Super like. So yes, you can see the similarities here between the two apps of Tinder and Bumble.

Dating Ed:
Bumble Review

If you are looking for something more serious; and if you are confident in building an excellent profile; then Bumble is the place for you. When women engage, they are interested and this sparks communication, rather than silence. The only drawback is the amount of people on the application. If there was more, I would be tempted to score this app a maximum 5/5. That said; with a good profile you will still score matches, and with women contacting you first, its likely that they are genuinely interested, thus you are probably more likely to engage into a romantic relationship. If you are looking for love, this is a good bet.

Bumble Pros

  • Free & Easy to Use
  • High Post Match Engagement
  • Verified Authentic Profiles
  • Little to None Fake Profiles
  • Connect to other Apps such as Instagram etc.

Bumble Cons

  • Low Quantity of Users.

Bumble Review Score:
Four Stars out of Five


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